• Author podcast: Superstition Review May 2017

    This podcast is a riff on my poem, Particles, Waves, Hello, Goodbye" published in Superstition Review in December 2015. The poem lies in the nether territory between narrative and philosophy---so, buckle up!


  • Upcoming show and reading at Vermont Technical College

    I'll be showing paintings at VTC's Harkness Library during April 2017 and will be doing a reading there as well to celebrate National Poetry Month.

    Stay tuned for details!


    When my friend calls to ask
    if I’ll be her husband’s

    second wife should the tests
    come back positive, I’m cutting

    up shallots and ginger for another
    soup my boyfriend’s kids

    won’t like, crunch the phone
    to my ear and keep

    chopping, even though she’s
    crying, “He can’t

    be alone---I know that. And you’d
    be good to my kids.” Outside my window

    sun picks through mountains
    wadded like laundry someone’s

    left in the hall. Spring
    won’t come. I won’t find

    work. The kids reminisce
    about dinners their real

    mom cooked better. The forecast
    is freezing rain and all kinds

    of ice. My friend says, “I know
    you’re living with that guy---I

    would understand if
    you couldn’t.” But I stir

    in barley and kale
    and I see our ghosts

    rising with the steam where
    one woman passes her life

    on to another who
    stands at the stove, waiting.

    Kate Fetherston c. 2012