Artist Statement

Language, whether visual or verbal, is a way to touch and be touched by experience. Layers of meaning accrue and compress, or are worn away to reveal something more primal. I’m interested in working the edge between art moving in close and art revealing vista. I view art making as a radical an act of faith inherent in making art that is at the core of what it is to be human.

My work as a painter focuses on layers, color, mark making, memory, and I use the loose, undulating lines of landscape as my compass. As a poet, I’m often working the cloth of my own life, athough poems are not to be confused with autobiography. Artists are magpies, after all. We steal, imitate, mutate, recreate seen or felt experience in service to a higher goal.

Our cultural currency relies on a kind of collective shorthand where we assume we’re seeing and saying the same things. I’m interested in shaking that up. I’m interested in expanding and deepening what is seen, what is felt, what meanings we make of it all.