Kate Fetherston: Artist and Poet

Poetry and art have their own lives; my obsessions show up here, but, if the work has merit, it is not “about” whatever vision or impetus I thought I had. My obsessions are revelation and concealment, flow and the awestruck held breath. I’m interested in the intimate line between seeing and feeling, between thinking and the sensed but largely unknowable life of the body.

Working in cold wax/oil is my newest adventure. I'm setting the goal for this next year of creating an extensive series of intuitive paintings in the wabi-wabi tradition This is a Japanese aesthetic that draws on the temporal and imperfect nature of existence. Let me know what you think.

The current poems are less about a subject than riffs on that electric current between love and philosophy. I will let you decide what they're about.

To inquire about purchasing, please contact me at kate@katefetherston.com.